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Poufs – The Home Decor Trend You Need to Know About

Poufs have become kind of a big deal in the world of home decor, and for good reason too. Despite their goofy name, poufs need to be taken seriously as they are ridiculously versatile and come in so many different shapes, textures, and patterns that there’s a pouf for every color palette that has ever existed.

Whether you’re decorating a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, or even a nursery, poufs offer extra seating or an impromptu table while also providing an added element of eccentricity that can be casual or bold.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Our list begins with the lovely Kenza Moroccan Pouf ($205 from Lulu & Georgia), made of hand embroidered and hand stitched genuine leather that comes in a myriad of colors.

Such a simple, eclectic way to bring any room together. Take a look at some of these other styles.

Kenza Moroccan Pouf ($205 from Lulu & Georgia) in a luscious dark green.

Kenza Moroccan Pouf ($205 from Lulu & Georgia) in an earthy dark tan.

Kenza Moroccan Pouf ($205 from Lulu & Georgia) in an edgy metallic bronze.

Kenza Moroccan Pouf ($205 from Lulu & Georgia) in a shimmering metallic gold.

Kenza Moroccan Pouf ($205 from Lulu & Georgia) in a brilliant orange.

Kenza Moroccan Pouf ($205 from Lulu & Georgia) in a moody gray.

Salma Moroccan Pouf ($330 from Lulu & Georgia) in a captivating natural shade.

Moroccan Prestige Leather Pouf ($275 from Bloomingdale’s) is a statement in itself as it’s handmade using goat and ski Italian leather and comes in luxurious shades of gold, silver, and navy blue.

Mistana Lorna Pouf ($107.99 from Wayfair) is also handmade, but from recycled materials and features a multi-colored patchwork pattern of taupe, cranberry, hunter green, and yellow.

World Menagerie Chevelll Tribal Pouf ($89 from Joss & Main) is another eccentric way to bring some character into your home. Its patchwork look and neutral, earthy shades of color make it easy to blend in with any color scheme without being too overwhelming.

World Menagerie Mckay Pouf ($97.99 from Joss & Main) is made in India and stuffed for a round silhouette wrapped in jute and cotton cable knit upholstery.

Idella Kilim Pouf ($117.99 from Bungalow Rose) is a more subtle, casual addition with its airy cream and gray colors and distressed tribal pattern.

Ivy Bronx Burgan Pouf ($149.99 from Joss & Main) is slightly more modern and but still subtle with its natural jute and black coloring.

Rejendra Pouf ($195.99 from Bungalow Rose) is a casually eccentric way to add a little charcoal-colored depth to your home.

Vintage-style Kilim Pouf ($149 from CB2) is love at first sight with rich tones of blue, purple, gray, and green square up as soft seating or stand-alone ottoman.

Lubec Pouf ($84.99 from Beachcrest Home gets its unique design from woven denim and is sturdy enough to hold a serving tray.

Tufted Rug Pouf ($69 from Urban Outfitters) is stylish and a little funky with its shag rug look and feel. Features white and orange geometric designs on a luscious red background.

Coin Pillow Pouf ($189 from Urban Outfitters) is a versatile pouf for adding a boho touch to any space. Complete with all over fringe detailing and sequin accents you won’t be able to get over.

Faux Fur Pouf ($149 from CB2) comes in both gray and white in an oversized round shape, and is comfortable and luxurious.

Chunky Knit Pouf ($149 by Treasure & Bond from Nordstrom) not only adds texture and earthy charm to any room, but also when you purchase Treasure & Bond, Nordstrom will donate 2.5% of net sales to organizations that work to empower youth.

This Corduroy Pillow Pouf ($89 from Urban Outfitters) made from the soft corduroy of those overalls your mom forced you to wear as a child, but in a very adult blush shade.

Moroccan Wedding Pouf ($298 from Anthropologie) was created by stitching together woven panels sourced from traditional Moroccan wedding blankets and featuring a pattern of cream-colored fringe and sequin accents.

As you can see, when it comes to home decor and finding the right look for each room, you can never go wrong with a pouf.

Thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated links to products, stores, and brands that I know and trust.

I do not own any of the product photos or the rights to them.)


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